2 – The Blueball Gastro Pub Menu

Sometimes you want a gourmet classic and sometimes you want a quick cheap bite to eat, but regardless, you want quality. Along side our gourmet Menu we’re bringing you a selection of some of the best hardy British Pub classics cooked to The Blueball’s highest standards, Like our Blueball Burger made with Local Beef with locally sourced cheese and bacon on inside of our own freshly made on premises burger buns.


Our Gastro Pub menu is perfect for anyone who wants to pop in for a drink and a great meal without breaking the bank and without worrying that the quality of the ingredients has been compromised, The Blue Ball Gastro Pub menu is the highest quality meals, made either in house or at one of our Local businesses brought to you at the best possible prices, and without a frozen ready meal or Jar of source in sight!

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